Management Systems

Quality Policy

The Weir Group is a private, independently owned company operation in Construction Management and Building Contracts and Developments. the weir group has a long history of satisfying its Client’s requirements in fair and reasonable contracts by providing quality products and services in accordance with specified requirements.

Quality management requires the verification of work in compliance with agreed quality standards, and it is recognised that for client satisfaction, work must be complete and requirements met before seeking approval and acceptance from the client.

All employees of The Weir Group participate in achieving the company’s Quality Policy and conform to the requirements of the Quality System.

OH&S Policy

The Weir Group recognises and is committed to its responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of its employees. To achieve this commitment, the weir group have developed and implemented a formal safety system to ensure that as far as practicable:

  • It complies with all relevant Occupational Health and Safety legislation;
  • A safe and healthy work environment is provided for its employees, subcontractors and visitors;
  • There is regular consultation with employees to ensure that the policy operates effectively;
  • Appropriate actions are taken to review and improve Occupation Health and Safety performance.

Industrial Relations

The industrial record of The Weir Group (particularly SJ Weir Pty. Ltd. and Weir Constructions Pty. Ltd.) is a matter of record with the Master Builders Association SA Chapter (Adelaide, South Australia) and the Master Builders Association (Melbourne, Victoria).

The Weir Group strives to maintain harmonious relationships with all union and safety bodies to ensure productive, safe and successful work environments.